CERCLE de Cercle

INDULGING every day and night


Chef Restaurant THE RESTAURANT

Featuring the Cercle Buffet from The Lees Hotel, the CERCLE de Cercle Fusion Restaurant and Bar offers new thinking and top-notch cuisine. From the French word for “round, circle”, the name refers to conviviality over a meal, unfettered creativity, and perfect service. The restaurant perfectly combines the flavors and techniques of the world’s leading cuisines of France, Italy, and Japan. The chef extensively uses the best of Taiwan’s seafood, meat, and vegetables, and grows his own seasoning herbs. By day and night, the restaurant serves up different moods and menus.


Refined taste at THE STYLE

Located on Boai Road in Kaohsiung City next to Ming Cheng Park, this restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows draw in the park’s greenery and comfort. The modern minimalist interior design breathes the free spirit and humanism of the Renaissance. The high and irregular ceiling features clouds of words and brush strokes in original colors, layers of titanium and gold. Lit by the sun rays or LED spot lights, the restaurant offers a different appeal by day and by night.


The second floor is the dining environment for the Chef’s Menu, a special delight for connoisseurs. Though more luxurious, this space maintains a certain restraint and uses the same dark blue that runs through the hotel and the Cercle restaurant, with titanium-plated grills, and a lively composition of close to a hundred white sky lanterns. The bold and elegant style tickles the mood and wakes up the senses for the fabulous food.


More dining options at THE CHOICE

A slightly different bistro or French restaurant, the Cercle offers two distinct Day and Night services but combines differentiated dining habits and cooking practices. The Daytime menu is available from 7am until the afternoon, while its brunch and tea are ideal for a meal before work, a gathering with friends and family, business lunches, or tea and sweets for a club of sisters. Food, fun, and freedom of choice come together in perfect harmony here. 


The night menu is divided into A la Carte and the Chef’s Course.  The drink menu covers a fine collection of red and white wines, expertly prepared cocktails, and soft drinks to suit the meal or one’s preferences in this environment of food and fashion.


Day Lounging 07:00~14:00

Fine semi-buffet breakfast (for guests)、Brunch、Set meals、fine deserts、Brand-name teas、hand-brewed coffees


Afternoon Tea 14:00~17:00

Pizza、fine deserts、Brand-name teas


Night Indulging 17:30~21:30

Italian-French-Japanese fusion cuisine、Chef’s Course, Fine a la carte menu、Wine suggestions and professional cocktails


Day Lounging Menu

Night Indulging Menu

Beverage Menu



Parking garage

Park Lees Hotel has underground parking. Free of charge for guests, and one hour of free parking for restaurant guests spending over $500, not arriving at the discount time should be charged for half an hour $40.


CERCLE de Cercle  Fusion Restaurant and Bar

No. 192, Wenxin Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

TEL: +886-7-962-9990