About PKL

Our design concept 

Sitting across from a park amid the bustling city, PARK LEES does not simply borrow from the serenity of the park but rather uses this asset to explore our natural disposition and the soul’s longing for repose. Our hotel offers travelers an abode to be themselves and rejuvenate, close to yet separate from the urban hubbub. We hope that business travelers and tourists alike enjoy our minimalist design and attentive service and derive a sense of quiet peace and renewed energy from the park across the street.


Our room design centers on the care concept of the "traveler's own zone." Harmonious color schemes, fluid shapes, and refreshing white table tops. Floor-to-ceiling windows that let in abundant natural daylight and the lush greenery of the park. A bathroom with translucent grey glass and smartly-lit mirrors. From the basic elements of wood, iron, stone, light and shadow, sophisticated design thinking and fine workmanship have created a combination of sensory comfort with a distinct, elegant aesthetic.



A serene abode of low-key luxury for the weary traveler,


where thoughtful design and attentive service 


turn everyday life into an experience of beauty and care. 


Here, Metro Kaohsiung fuses with a unique urban chic.


Architectural design

Floor descriptions

B1-B3: Underground parking lot

LB (Wenxin Road): Main lobby 

1F-2F (Dujing Road): CERCLE de Cercle Fusion Restaurant and Bar

5F-16F: Guest rooms


Architectural appearance

The hotel is decorated with a simple color palette of black and white paired with gray hues, and fluid lines that dress the hotel in an elegant architectural cloak, while a crown of irregular black iron sculptural forms around the roof create a playful transition between the building and the sky above. The lanterns in the park make the hotel’s logo light up, like a beacon beckoning the travelers home to their haven in the harbor city of Kaohsiung. In the pavement outside the lobby doors, etched copper plates mark the latitude and longitude of the location.


A green building 

The building’s exterior surface is coated with a thermal insulation layer, while gray-scale reinforced glass is applied throughout to block part of the heat. The rooftop is laid with insulation tiles, green plants, and solar panels that power the hotel’s exterior lighting at night. The building’s air conditioning and hot water use a heat pump and ice water heat recovery system, which reduces energy consumption. Inside and outside, high-performance LED lighting is used under a KNX (smart building) system and software which manages the light sources for different zones and times.


Interior space design

A harbor mood 

The elegance and simplicity of the exterior continues inside through the abundant use of carved white marble. In the lobby, a collage of irregular floor tiles evokes the light refraction of the sea and pairs with the maritime images and leather cases of the reception counter. The visitor feels like mooring at the dock. The façade behind the sofa area also adopts a collage of large rough-hewn slabs, while the area behind the reception desk features gray-blue oak wood. Together with the billowing ceiling in black and gold titanium, the abstract and stylish design creates a refined seaport mood of sea and sky, streams and summits.


The room corridors greet visitors with their blue, gray, and white pattern with a sprinkling of black, like lovely streams guiding the guests to their rooms, where the black, blue, and wood-colored walls, as well as frame of dim light and sound-insulating doors ensure a comfortable sleep.


Personalized living space

In the room, a 49-inch TV sits on a simple white long table against a dark blue main wall, which both refer to the white leather frames and the counter in the hotel lobby. They also connect with the tatami mat and cushion that invite the guest to remove their shoes and let their feet breathe freely. The mustard green and gold curved desk chairs and low stools connect with the leisurely mood of the park outside the floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the room and bathroom in the friendly rays of the southern sun. In the rooms and throughout the hotel, the bidet toilets are from the INAX brand from Japan, while the other amenities are from Villeroy & Boch and GROHE. The liquid amenities are all EU-certified environmentally friendly products, herbal and fragrant, gentle and comfortable. The paintings on the walls have all been commissioned from Kaohsiung artists to give visitors from home and abroad another taste of the city.


The dark blue PARK C ROOM or the dark green PARK LEES SUITE suit both feature bold yet relaxed visual styles. Connect your phone to the YAMAHA speakers to enjoy your favorite music, while you take a bath or kick back with a glass of wine. 



No. 192, Wenxin Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

TEL: +886-7-962-8800

FAX: +886-7-962-9600



TEL:+886-7-229-6030  ext. 3510 / 3511 or  +886-7-962-8800